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Welcome to
Kailali Multiple Campus

Before 37 years, there was not any institution of higher education in Kailali District. The absence of educational opportunities after SLC created an urgent social demand for establishment of a campus in the district. Prior to the establishment of Kailali Multiple Campus (KMC), most of the students of this region had to go to Kathmandu or India for further studies after passing the SLC. The people of Kailali thus took the initiative for the establishment of a campus. As a result, Kailali Commerce Campus later renamed as Kailali Multiple Campus was established in 1980. Financial and other resources required for the establishment of the campus were raised from the efforts and sacrifice. ​

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MA Re-entrance Notice

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INVITATION FOR THE BIDS (Contract Identification Number HERP/UGC/KMC/W/NCB-01/075/076)

MBA Entrance Test Result Published

The following candidates have been selected for admission to MBA-E program 2019. Their names appear in alphabetical order. The selected candidates are required to take admission with in  Magh 15, 2075 (Jan. 29, 2019) at Kailali Multiple Campus, Dhangadhi, Kailali.
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