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About Us

Way Forward

The Campus is effortful to maintain its historical credibility and quality of education in future too by performing following development initiations:

  1. Obtaining autonomy in designing the curriculum, conducting the examination and evaluating students' performance.
  2. Program extension (lunching science and information technology related programmes and professional courses at the Bachelors and Master level such as BBA, MBA in Finance, MBM, Civil Engineering, Staff Nursing etc.)
  3. Infrastructure development and enhancement of learning resources (construction of PG block, Science block, hostel and mega hall and purchasing more furniture, computers, projectors, books, lab equipments and sports materials)
  4. Enhancing the capacity of academic departments (supports for the faculty development and for the preparation of academic plans, student profile, student's progress and feedback report and analyzing the performance of students on regular basis)
  5. Improving the teaching learning methods (Arrangement of refresher training for teachers, invitation of national and international experts as visiting professors, engaging teachers and students in research activities, providing career guidance to students and encouraging teachers to apply recent methods of learning and teaching).
  6. Creating national and international linkage for increasing the students' exposure, faculty development and maintaining the financial base.
  7. As in the past, keeping good relationship with the society and industry.

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