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Historical Achievement - QAA Certification

In the last 37 years of its history, KMC has set several landmarks in educational history of Far Western Region. The selection of KMC at the national level by the University Grants Commission for granting the international accreditation is the latest example of its success. Based on its historical performance, this campus was selected in 2008 by the University Grants Commission (UGC) through a national competition for the participation in the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) process.

For the purpose of obtaining QAA, KMC had prepared Self-Study Report (SSR) and submitted to UGC for assessment. After several monitoring and evaluation visits, on 3rd to 7th Falgun of 2068, a high level Peer Review Team (PRT) co-ordinated by Prof. Dr. Madhav Prasad Sharma and supported by Prof. Dr. Madhukar Seshadri (International Expert), Prof. Dr. Chandra Lal Shrestha, Prof. Dr. Hridaya Rantan Bajracharya, Prof. Dr. Kanaiya Mathema, Dr. Indira Shrestha and Sita Ram Dahal visited the campus for final evaluation.

Based on the assessment of the PRT, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee of UGC has decided that the KMC has to address the some recommendations towards completion of accreditation process within 3 months period. Accordingly, KMC prepared a response report and action plan addressing the PRT recommendations and submitted to UGC.

After the intensive review of the response report, UGC decided to accredit KMC. On Jestha 29, 2069, UGC held an Institutional Accreditation Award Ceremony and awarded the QAA Certificate.

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