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About Us


In order to achieve the mission, the campus will strive to achieve some specific strategic goals such as:

  • Programmed extension in line with the educational demands of Far Western Region,
  • continued efforts toward quality education and all round development of the students,
  • maintain accreditation status,
  • improve internal efficiency,
  • achieve sustainability by expanding the financial resource base, and
  • Maintain its status as a socially responsible educational institution cementing good relation with the community.

Key Priority Areas
Having a glance on the present status of the campus, and review of achievement and consultation with stakeholders about their expectations, following nine major thrust areas in which direction campus needed formation of sectorial goals, are identified
  • Physical Infrastructure Development
  • Faculty Development
  • Academic Excellence
  • Program Extension
  • Academic Autonomy
  • Institutional Capacity Development
  • Student Welfare and Extra-curricular Activities
  • Campus- Community Linkage
  • Financial Resource Development and Management
  • Program Extension.
  • Institutional Capacity.    
  • Development.
  • Student Welfare and   Extra-curricular Activities
  • Campus Community Linkage.
  • Financial Resource Management.

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