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Public Information Cell

The college has established a public information cell. The Public Information Cell publishes the information relating to the academic, administrative and financial information with the following contents:

·   Academic progress (enrolment trend analysis, pass rate trend analysis graduate trend analysis, academic programmes, educational pedagogy).

·   Physical progress (infrastructural development, educational aids and equipment, books/journals/reference materials, furniture etc.).

·  Financial progress (analysis of financial resources / income: self-generated income/resources, grants from government sources, analysis of expenditures: recurrent expenses and capital expenditures).

·  Audit observations / issues and steps taken to mitigate the issues raised by audit observations.

·   Social progress( campus's involvements in social activities, society's contributions for campus, plan for campus's contribution to society         and increased involvement of society in the campus).

·   Issues,  challenges,  mitigation measures taken to address the issues and meet the challenges with annual work plan.

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